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    MBA from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law and an EMBA from Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business.


    A key member of the investment committee of China Pharmaceutical Innovation and Research Development Association, a member of Bayhelix Group.


    Selected as the ' Most Promising Investor in Shenzhen', 'China Finance Person of The Year 2019', 'China's Best New Venture Capital Manager in 2018'

    ·Efung has beenrated as “Shenzhen Top Ten Venture Capital Institutions“ and “Shenzhen Best Innovative Financial Institution” for many years.
    ·Over 19 years of experience in life science investment. 
    ·Has invested more than 20 domestic and oversea enterprises such as Mindray Medical ,  ChipScreen , Frontier Biotechnologies , Ascentage Pharma , Lifotronic , HaploX, Resverlogix, Centrexion Therapeutics, Apexigen and etc.

  • ·Co-founder of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
    ·Over 40 years of experience in financial management; Over 20 years of experience in the communication industry.
    ·Served as the vice president of accounting, marketing, finance and economics in Huawei.

    Has participated in the Huawei's equity management,restructure, enterprise operations and many other projects.

    Joined Efung since 2012 as a managing partner. Responsible for risk management.

  • ·Xi 'an jiaotong university bachelor of business administration, cheung kong graduate school of business EMBA.
    ·Former Executive VP of a yacht club. Former CEO of Shenzhen Voyage Century Technology CO., LTD.
    ·As marketing directors, arranged for the openings of 3 top-class hotels in Shenzhen.

  • ·M.S. in chemical engineering at Northeastern University.
    ·Former associate at Sequoia Capital and over 5 years of business development experience.
    ·Former associate at Genzyme and Boheringer Ingelheim.  Years of experience in drug research and development. 

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    Doctor of Medicine at Beijing Medical University and Ph.D., at Japan Autonomous Medical University.


    Director of Chinese Disease Control and Prevention Center from 2004 to 2017.


    Distinguished Professor of Tsinghua University;Vice President of the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, and Executive Director of the Chinese Medical Association. Director of the Institute of Liver Diseases of Beijing Medical University; Vice President of Beijing Medical University; 

    Deputy Director of the Department of Medicine at Peking University, and Deputy Director of Ministry of Science and Technology of China Biotechnology Development Center.


    Won the first prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, the first prize of Science and Technology Progress of the Ministry of Health, the National Science and Technology Progress Special Award, and the National Outstanding Youth Science Fund.

  • ·Post-doctoral of FDA
    ·Doctor from USUHS (Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences)

    Worked for FDA CBER (Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research)

  • ·Post-doctoral of Stanford University

    Founder of Anesiva/Triarm

    ·Over 30-year experience in biomedical industry of both China & U.S

  • ·Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. 
    ·Served as the director of the Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
    ·Member of the Expert Group of the 863 Program; member of the Expert Group of National Natural Science Foundation.
    ·Has published more than 180 research papers on internationally renowned journals such as PNAS and JACS. Has participated in the compilation of 8 monographs and owned more than 80 patents invited to write 10 reviews on world renowed journals such as Nature Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery Today.

  • ·Bachelor of Economics at University of California San Diego.

    Former project manager of Guoxin Securities Asset Management Headquarters; responsible for the bank-certificate

    cooperation related projects including but not limited to entrusted loans, direct fund investment, trust income rights and other related businesses with a total scale of 30 billion RMB.

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    Ph.D. at Tulane University; Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Texas Medical center


    McKinsey alumni; Former co-founder of The Consulting Agency at TMC and Hulo Partners, LLC.


    Has reviewed over 500 life science companies in China and the U.S. Over 10 years of drug development research and investment experience.  Led investment cases such as Aridis Pharmaceuticals, Centrexion Therapeutics, Apexigen and etc. 

  • ·Postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University.

    Former head of external innovation at Novartis; Won Novartis team innovation award twice. 


    Over 20 years of pharmaceutical industry experience.


    Has published numerous research papers on world renowned journals such as Cell, Development, Genome research and etc.

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    M.D. at The West China College of Medicine; Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences at Sichuan University
    ·Over 10-years experiences in development and investment of medical device. 
    ·Part of the core research team of long-acting anti-AIDS drug “Albuvirtide” and diabetes AMD drug “Conbercept”. Rich experience in oversea CRO/Pharma/Biotech.


  • ·Ph.D. at Karolinska Institutet.  

    Former Senior Scientist in AstraZeneca, Senior Associate in Department of Strategic Investment in a well-known listed company.  


    Overseas High-Level Talent of Shenzhen City Peacock Program.


    Has a few high impact publications in top journals such as Cell, Science Translational Medicine, Diabetes, Cell Death & Disease etc. Has insightful views to biopharma and biotech industry.

  • ·Ph.D.at Peking University.
    ·Former associate at Clarivate Analytics; Experienced in information and industry research.
    ·Led the due diligence of many investment cases such as Apexigen, Impulse Dynamics, Adlai Nortye and etc. 

  • ·Ph.D. in chemistry at University of Hong Kong with Ph.D. in Chemistry. CFA candidate.
    ·Served as the investment director in a domestic well-known Capital Management company; Participated in deal sourcing, due diligence and post-investment management.
    ·Worked in the investment banking department in National Gold Securities. She also participated in IPO industrial research, supplier development and profitability analysis.

  • ·doctor of microbiology, Chinese academy of sciences.
    ·co-founder of kedi health.
    ·obtained RMB 12 million in financing for the company, and published an article in nature magazine.

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    M.S. from University of Liverpool


    Got 10 Million+ investment from SBCVC for the company founded by her own


    Ever worked for Zero2Ipo Group's reaserach center. Rich experience and resources in investment business

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    BSc in Biomedical Science at Imperial College London


    MSc in Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • ·B.S. in resource science and Engineering at South China University of Technology; MBA at China Resources University.
    ·Served as a manager at 999 pharmaceuticals and China resources financial group. 
    ·Over 10 years of experience in Pharmaceutical industry and finance. Managed a private equity fund of 5 billion RMB and help public companies with M&A. 

  • ·EMBA at Sun Yat-Sen University.
    ·National intermediate human resource Professional. Internal auditor of Enterprise quality management system.

    Over 10 years of experience in business, human resource and project management.

  • · Mba, CPA, Hong Kong polytechnic university.
    · Worked as finance executive of the mainland subsidiaries of listed companies in Japan, Singapore and Taiwan, senior executive of large state-owned enterprises and private enterprise groups, investment director and vice President of well-known domestic investment institutions.

    Rich working experience in project enterprise business, finance, legal due diligence, risk control, post-investment listing guidance and management.

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