Portfolio Case
  • Pharmacy Doctor, Fudan University,

    Research and investment in the field of anti-tumor drugs,

    Experiences in consulting and healthcare investment,

    Overseas mergers and acquisitions & innovative drug investment

  • Postdoctoral from Stanford University, former head of competitive intelligence and strategy in Novartis, Over 20 years of pharmaceutical industry research experience

  • M.D., MSc of health economics from Johns Hopkins University,

    Investment in innovative drugs from the perspective of clinical needs, Work experiences in WHO headquarters and global leading healthcare information, R&D service enterprise

  • Postdoctoral from Harvard Univ. Applied 4 Chinese patents and published 16 SCI papers,

    Specializes in drug discovery,  nuclear medicine and molecular imaging.

  • Doctor from Cambridge University and Jilin University,

    Specialized in research and investment of innovative drugs

    Member of Guangdong pharmacological society and Anti-tumor Drug Professional Committee

  • Organic chemistry Ph.D. from Cambridge University

    Shenzhen Peacock Talent

    Over 10 years of drug research, specializes total synthesis of natural products and drugs

  • MSc of Biology, Sun Yat-Sen University, Focuses on gene, cell therapy, high-end medical device research and investment, many years of VC/PE investment experience, with > 10 successful investment cases, including 3 IPO projects

  • BSc from Shanghai Jiaotong University with law background,
    former invest manager in ZhongCai Financial Holding & ZCT

  • Ph.D. from Oxford University,

    CFA candidate, work experience in biomedical research, doctoral start-up program won first prize in UK

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