Portfolio Case
  • ·M.S. in chemical engineering at Northeastern University.
    ·Former associate at Sequoia Capital and over 5 years of business development experience.
    ·Former associate at Genzyme and Boheringer Ingelheim.  Years of experience in drug research and development. 

  • ·B.S. in management at XJTU.
    ·Former Executive VP of a yacht club. Former CEO of Shenzhen Voyage Century Technology CO., LTD.
    ·As marketing directors, arranged for the openings of 3 top-class hotels in Shenzhen.

  • ·B.S. in resource science and Engineering at South China University of Technology; MBA at China Resources University.
    ·Served as a manager at 999 pharmaceuticals and China resources financial group. 
    ·Over 10 years of experience in Pharmaceutical industry and finance. Managed a private equity fund of 5 billion RMB and help public companies with M&A. 

  • ·EMBA at Sun Yat-Sen University.
    ·National intermediate human resource Professional. Internal auditor of Enterprise quality management system.

    Over 10 years of experience in business, human resource and project management.

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